The Art of Whittling: A Woodcarver’s Guide to Making Things By Hand by Niklas Karlsson

The Artful Wooden Spoon: How To Make Exquisite Keepsakes for the Kitchen by Joshua Vogel

Carve!: A Book on Wood, Knives and Axes by Hannes Dahlrot and Henrik Francke

Carving and Whittling, the Swedish Style by Gert Ljunberg and Inger Ason-Ljungberg

Celebrating Birch: The Lore, Art and Craft of an Ancient Tree by the North House Folk School

A Gathering of Spoons by Norman D. Stevens

Greenwood Spoon Carving by Emmet Van Driesche 

Heirloom Wood: A Modern Guide to Carving Spoons, Bowls, Boards, and Other Homewares by Max Bainbridge

Slöjd in Wood by Jögge Sundqvist

Spon: A Guide to Spoon Carving and the New Wood Culture by Barn the Spoon

Spoon Carving by EJ Osborne

Swedish Carving Techniques by Wille Sundqvist

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