July 2018

I began July with a camping trip to Beaver Creek State Park in Southeastern Minnesota. One of the things that I love about spoon carving is that it has to be the most portable form of woodworking. I can take my craft camping and on other trips because the kit required is so minimal.

We traveled to Decorah, Iowa to visit friends. I found some walnut in their brush pile. It’s beautiful wood and I quickly carved 12 spreaders over a weekend. The trip to Decorah also let me check out an absolutely amazing spoon carving exhibit at Vesterheim.

I also finished an interviews with Emmet Van Driesche and David White. I really respect the work of both of these guys, so it was an honor to an interview and get their thoughts on spoon carving and so much more.

Last thing, it was a busy month outside of carving. Between bottling a big batch of rhubarb wine and infusing black currant vodka, I worked hard to capture a bit of summer for the cold winter months ahead.