June 2017

I did a 180 yesterday and bought what I need to start spoon carving. I also created this website and social media platforms too. I wrote a while back about how I want to give my time to things that make me feel good with people who make me feel good. I find myself feeling good when I make things.

I see the spoon carving as an opportunity to be mindful and calm my mind from the rest of my life. To get lost in repetitive action. I also see it as a chance to create a community with people I would enjoy being around. I think everyone needs to have a craft.


This morning I took a break at the farm in Wisconsin and walked up to the old abandoned apple orchard. I got a bunch of wood and it was a real joy being there. Apple wood is a joy to work with and I’ll never run out of it Between the orchard and fallen trees after big storms roll through, there will always be a source of wood to carve. I like the sustainability aspect and it’s so different from when I was a goldsmith. I’ll never have to pay for wood so my only expenses are my tools.


The sun is setting and it’s so beautiful at the farm. I’ve been thinking about the website that I want to make for spoon carving. I want to write about journey back into the craft but also create an opportunity to connect with other people who also enjoy craft and spoon carving. In some ways it seems counterproductive to create a digital resource about an analog pursuit, but the librarian in me loves to create resources and then share them with other people.


I signed up for The Green Wood Guild’s online spoon carving classes. I really want to master carving, yet be patient in learning it too. I don’t want to view it as “job” but instead I want to have a craft that I can empty my brain by doing. As much as I wish I could, I can’t meditate in the traditional sense, so this is my alternative.

As I told a friend this afternoon, I want to be away from the screen. Also, by working with sharp knives I’m forcing my mind to focus. I also like that I can create a very simple tool that can beautiful and functional.