May 2018

April was a crazy month. I was pulled away from carving by an unexpected work project and it was pretty amazing how empty I felt without it in my life. Carving grounds me in the same way that I expect that meditation does for other people. I can’t sit and meditate, but I can drop away the rest of the world when I have some wood and a blade in my hands.

I went all arty this month and made a “sculptural” spoon. AKA the shoehorn spoon as someone on Instagram dubbed it. It’s funny because I think all spoons are sculptural, but I guess I pushed the boundaries a bit with this one.

It was liberating though to be free with the form and not be focused primarily on function.

To balance things out though, I made a new jam-making spoon from a pear branch pruned at the farm. We put it to work immediately with multiple batches of rhubarb preserves.