November 2018

I’m getting close to finishing the spoon mule. Another week or two, and then I can bring out the drawknife.

My new knife made by Ben Orford moves like a bulldozer through the wood. I love how powerful it is and how much material I can remove. A beautiful knife!!

I picked up my hog at the butcher and had to empty the freezer. “Carve every day” will be my new mantra for a while. I’ve been writing a 1000 words every day for the last three years, so just this is just one more facet of self-discipline. As Jocko Willink says, “Disciple equals freedom!” All that aside, I do love the satisfaction of making a big pile of blanks transformed into functional spoons. Jarrod Dahl has an essay in Mortise and Tenon that is spot on regarding the value of production and repetition.

This mess of blanks isn’t overwhelming… I welcome what’s waiting to teach me in the days ahead.

A pear spoon and amber ale. The perfect intersection of spoon carving and homebrewing. Life is good!