December 2017

It’s late, but I am happy to say that I carved all night while listening to Ghost Hawk by Susan Cooper. It’s a good story. My carving went well. I hewed four spoons and carved two applewood spreaders. The carving is going more smoothly.

Looking back on the year, I’m elated that I wandered back into the world of craft. It’s a joy to to be making things with my hands again, away from the screen, and through simple tools and found wood, creating beautiful and functional things for people I care about.

I was also happy the I had a chance to interview Jeff WardPaul AdamsonTim Cooper, and Tom Bartlett. I also had the opportunity to take a two-class spoon carving class from Jarrod Dahl in September.

I also got my hands on on some awesome books and tools.

I’ve learned a lot but it’s just the beginning.