November 2017

Not much time carving tonight. I spent far too much time online looking at spoons made by other people. Before that I did begin carving a new spoon. It’s so damn hard at time to get the blade to do what I want, but I guess that’s good because craft has a way with keeping people humble.

I’ve been thinking about a long-term aesthetic with carving:

I like birch a lot. Applewood might be my occasional treat, but I like the simplicity and utilitarian sense of birch.

I want to stay way from power tools.

I would also like to get to the point where I am not using sandpaper. I say that because of both the dust from it and my desire to improve my skill in using the blade.

I’d like to focus on spoons and spreaders. In the future, bowls would be also be fun and a new challenge.

Last thing, I have really been enjoying two books: The Art of Whittling: A Woodcarver’s Guide to Making Things By Hand by Niklas Karlsson as well as The Lost Carving by David Esterly.