October 2023

After a very long break, I’ve decided to occasionally share a few spoon carving thoughts here in my journal. I hope to eventually add back some older journal entries and interviews that weren’t lost in a website update a couple of years ago. Recently, I reread Skimming Stones and Other Ways of Being in the … Read more

December 2018

I’m taking a break from social media until the new year. I so value the people and inspiration that I’ve found in the spoon carving community. Folks continue to amaze me with their spoon carving and woodworking knowledge and skills. Their work motivates me to keep moving forward and that’s what I want to do. … Read more

November 2018

I’m getting close to finishing the spoon mule. Another week or two, and then I can bring out the drawknife. My new knife made by Ben Orford moves like a bulldozer through the wood. I love how powerful it is and how much material I can remove. A beautiful knife!! I picked up my hog … Read more

October 2018

A friend and I did more work building my spoon mule. I’m fortunate to have access to a pretty nice woodshop, but being surrounded by industrial power tools is a reminder of how much I appreciate the calm quiet of hand tools. Between the band saw and table saw, I feel like I’ve used up … Read more

September 2018

The school year began so I carved a little spoon for little hands. I felt a little sad as my child when off to school. I brought my own baggage from my early school days and feared that he would be as miserable as I was, but fortunately, schools have changed and his learning is … Read more

August 2018

August was a busy month. I had to get the freezer ready for a hog later this fall, so that meant emptying lots of birch wood billets. One weekend, early in the month, I went into full production mode (or at least my limited understanding of what spoon production might be like). It felt great … Read more