November 2017

Not much time carving tonight. I spent far too much time online looking at spoons made by other people. Before that I did begin carving a new spoon. It’s so damn hard at time to get the blade to do what I want, but I guess that’s good because craft has a way with keeping … Read more

September 2017

I started a two day spoon carving class with Jarrod Dahl at Vevang in Minneapolis. It was a great opportunity to learn from an amazing teacher. It was very inspiring to watch Jarrod carve. I enjoyed sitting in a circle carving and talking with people and learning from them too. I think that very act of community generated from … Read more

August 2017

Tomorrow, I’ll celebrate my wedding anniversary. I just finished my first spoon and plan to give it it to my wife as a gift. The spoon is a little rough around the edges, as am I, but I made it with love. Spooncarving is my attempt in this crazy distracted world to focus on what’s … Read more

July 2017

I have no idea what I am doing by taking up spoon carving other than the simple fact that I wanted a change in my life. A month or two ago, my wife asked if I had seen the book review of Heirloom Wood: A Modern Guide to Carving Spoons, Bowls, Boards, and Other Homewares … Read more

May 2017

I started working on carving two spoons. I have a lot to learn but it felt good to work with my hands. *** I cleaned out the garage. I want make room for my spoon making studio. I also started to read The Artful Wooden Spoon: How To Make Exquisite Keepsakes for the Kitchen by Joshua Vogel … Read more

June 2017

I did a 180 yesterday and bought what I need to start spoon carving. I also created this website and social media platforms too. I wrote a while back about how I want to give my time to things that make me feel good with people who make me feel good. I find myself feeling … Read more